Build a Prosperity World

ProsperX is the world’s first application of blockchain technology to Economics, with the purpose of building and sustaining a Global Prosperity Economy with Full Employment and Universal Prosperity Incomes.

You can use ProsperX Prosperity Apps to build a Prosperity World for yourself, your family, your business, your community, and the planet.



Poverty to Prosperity

Our current economy is unstable, with booms, busts, and endless destructive recessionary cycles. Our economy leaves billions of people unemployed, in poverty, and in desperation, and produces only a fraction of its full sustainable potential. Globalization of trade has lead to a Malthusian “Race to the Bottom” on incomes, quality of life, and environmental standards.

With an understanding of the Economics of Prosperity, we can build a future with stable, sustainable Full Employment, Full Production, Full Growth, and Full Prosperity for the entire planet. We can replace the global “Race to the Bottom” with a global “Race to the Top”.

Using the time-proven power of human effort, creativity, and goodwill, and using the new tools of this age — smart phones, blockchains, smart apps, smart contracts, deep learning systems, and using the next-generation of Internet 3.0 and Crypto 3.0 distributed, encrypted, secure communications networks — we can build a new Prosperity World: ProsperX.





ProsperX is the world’s first economic network.

Prosperium links individuals, businesses, and institutions in a distributed, networked Prosperity Economy.

1968  ARPANET – The Research Network

1994  Amazon – The Commerce Network

2004  Facebook – The Social Network

2017  ProsperX – The Economic Network

There is no free lunch in economics.

However, we are certainly entitled to consume
the products of our labour, the constructions of our intellect, and the creations of our imagination.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts (prosperity apps) match the demand for and supply of local goods and services to ensure that total incomes add up to just enough demand to drive full employment and full production.

Using the pubic and private blockchain platforms and Ethereum Smart Contracts, ProsperX is creating distributed blockchain apps for building a prosperity economy. Through the ProsperX prosperity apps, individuals, businesses, and governments can join and collaborate to build a prosperity economy anywhere: locally, regionally, and globally.

Individuals, businesses, institutions, and communities join the prosperity economy revolution as prosperity clients by way of Smart Contracts. You can think of the Prosperium economy as a distributed private market economy organized to maximize the prosperity of every participant, the 99% and the 1%, not just an elite few.

It is time to build a new prosperity economy with stable full employment that pays prosperity incomes that drive prosperity consumption, which drives prosperity production, and that in turn completes the cycle by driving stable full employment at ever-increasing prosperity incomes.

The prosperity economy can provide a stable, self-reinforcing upward spiral of sustainable economic growth.




Have you ever wondered why, with our uniquely developed human ability to organize, innovate, cooperate and produce, so few of us have economic prosperity individually? Or why are so few communities on this planet are truly prosperous?

Or why so many good people are unemployed, underemployed, or misemployed, in the midst of near limitless need for the goods and services these people could be producing?

What would “full prosperity” look like? Certainly it would start with full employment and full production.

How prosperous could we be if we organized to produce the most that we could practically produce for each other during each year?

What are the physical limits to prosperity?

Imagine what full prosperity would mean for you and your community, what could your income be, if you were part of a “prosperity-based” economy. Could you earn one hundred thousand dollars per year? Two hundred thousand? Three? Just how prosperous could we all be?

How prosperous could your business be if all of your potential customers around the world had prosperity incomes?

Imagine how prosperous this whole planet could be, if all the willing and able were fully employed, fully productive, and fully prosperous.

Imagine how quickly could we solve global problems like climate change if we all had the prosperity to afford the best technological solutions, such as Passive Superhomes with Tesla Solar Roofs, Tesla Powerwalls, and Tesla electric cars?

What if we could afford the solutions to eliminate the use of fossil fuels within a decade!

Governments could actually be fully functional if they assisted the delivery of full employment, full prosperity, a fiscal surplus, maximum economic growth, and a solution to climate change!

Imagine how low combined tax rates could be if everyone paid taxes on a six-figure Prosperity Income, and if social net costs fell to a minimum? 25%? 20%? 10%? And how popular would the politicians be who delivered such low tax rates and a “Great Prosperity” instead of a Great Depression?

This is the promise of the economics of prosperity: a first principles re-evaluation of:

  • how we organize for prosperity:
  • how we organize the trade of goods and services amongst members of our trading community, locally and globally;
  • and how we replace the global race to the bottom with a global “race to the top” and prosperity for all.

The Economics of Prosperity

For thousands of years we have had the Economics of Poverty. To escape the Poverty Trap, we need to understand the Economics of Prosperity.

We need to organize to collaborate in a Race to the Top, because right now we are all fighting in a disorganized, self-defeating global Race to the Bottom on incomes, quality of life, and environmental standards.

This is the Poverty Trap, where incomes in an economy are driven so low that people cannot afford to buy the goods and services they used to produce. Without purchasers, a downward spiral of reduced production and layoffs leads to more income loss, which leads to reduced profits and more layoffs, … and so the vicious downward spiral continues.

To escape the Poverty Trap, we need to have a practical solution that ensures that Total Incomes match Maximum Production. We need to stop arguing about what the Minimum Wage should be and start to ask:

What is the right Prosperity Wage?

It turns out, we actually need to care about the incomes and the prosperity of each of our neighbours, because the first lesson of the Economics of Prosperity is that your individual prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of the community with which you trade. And that the poverty of even one member of your community diminishes the prosperity of the whole community – true locally and globally.

The key message of the Economics of Prosperity is a rather traditional one:

Prosper thy neighbour

… not beggar thy neighbour.

ProsperX Prosperity Apps

Prosperity Apps on Your Smart Phone or Devices


Now there’s an
App for that.

ProsperX is creating the blockchain software tools for building a distributed Prosperity Economy organized around a new Prosperity Currency called ProsperX tokens.

The ProsperX Prosperity Apps can be used by individuals, businesses, and governments to organize and build a Prosperity Economy anywhere.

A Prosperity Economy has stable Full Employment, Full Production, and Universal Prosperity Incomes.

Using the ProsperX prosperity currency and an understanding of the economics of prosperity, we can escape from a world of poverty, minimum wages, and working poor. We can end the global race-to-the-bottom on incomes, quality of life, and environmental standards.

We can build a new world of Universal Prosperity Incomes and a global race-to-the-top for everyone on this planet, not just a lucky few.


Prosperity Currency

Money Designed For Prosperity

The ProsperX currency is custom designed for a Prosperity Economy.

Prosperium dollars are meant to be used as a mainstream currency, used to pay for a full range of everyday purchases from small to large for individuals, businesses, institutions, and to be accepted by governments.

Prosperity Currency

→ Smart Money for a Prosperity Economy
Ethereum Smart Tokens (ERC20 Standard)

→ Multi-Fiat Currency
Value at par with local fiat currency
1 Canadian Prosperium Dollar = 1 Canadian Dollar
1 UK Prosperium Pound = 1 UK Pound
1 US Prosperium Dollar = 1 US Dollar

→ Stable-Value Currency
Actively Stabilized at par via Smart Contracts

→ Private, Not Anonymous
Designed for mainstream economic purposes
Not useful for blackmarket or tax avoidance

→ Sovereign Identity and Reputation
You control your personal information

→ Triple Entry Bookkeeping and Full Audit Trail
Full Regulatory Compliance in Each Jurisdiction


Prosperity Incomes

Incomes That Drive Prosperity

Prosperity Incomes act as a wage floor above which all market wages are negotiated.

In a Prosperity Economy, Minimum Wages are replaced by Prosperity Incomes.

Economic Prosperity for a Trading Community requires Full Employment at Prosperity Incomes that create the Demand and Consumption to drive Full Production.

The Prosperity of our current economy is limited by Total Incomes, which is purchasing power. In our current economy, Total Incomes are far less than what could physically be produced with Full Employment at Full Productivity.

No market economy continues producing goods for which there is insufficient demand or purchasing power, at least not for very long, and Production and Employment will be reduced until Supply matches Demand.

If Total Incomes is anything less than Maximum Production, then Full Employment, Maximum Production, and Maximum Prosperity will not be achieved.

The Prosperium Prosperity App uses custom Smart Contracts to implement Universal Prosperity Incomes.

Prosperity Incomes

→ Ethereum Smart Contract Incomes
to Drive Full Employment and Full Production

→ Replace the Global Race to the Bottom
With a Global Race to the Top!

→ Triple Entry Accounting, Full Audit Trail

→ Supply Chain Audits and Incentives


Prosperity Accelerators

Organize And Fund Prosperity

Prosperity Accelerators are community businesses that organize a Prosperity Economy for their Community using Prosperium Smart Contracts, and the principles of Prosperity Economics.

Community Prosperity Accelerators help organize the first community Prosperity Businesses. Some examples: the Prosperity Cafes, Prosperity Grocers, Prosperity Builders, Prosperity Greenhouse Growers and Prosperity Farms, Prosperity Educators, Prosperity Healthcare Services, and a multitude of other businesses and services.

Any business can accept ProsperX currency, and can put up signs that say “ProsperX Accepted Here”. To be a “Prosperity Business”, the business needs to agree to increase wages and incomes of employees over time to Prosperity Incomes, and to work towards ensuring that the same Prosperity Incomes are paid to employees and contractors in their supply and distribution networks.

Like Accelerators in the current economy, such as Y-Combinator, an “Accelerator” also act like an “Incubator” for new businesses, but they “accelerate” these new businesses with critical funding, and support, bringing resources, talent, and business connections both upstream and downstream supply chains and distribution channels.

Prosperity Accelerators take this one step further by providing funding in ProsperX currency, acting like a local central bank or currency mint, able to create newly-minted ProsperX currency to fund local opportunities, starting new income circulating, and driving new matching production.

Local individuals with talent for business creation and funding and with local knowledge of community challenges and opportunities are at the heart of Community Prosperity Accelerators. These  Accelerators fund mostly prosaic everyday business, like builders, restaurants, etc.. Like conventional accelerators, they also fund novel business ideas and technologies as opportunities arise.

Prosperity Accelerators

→ Organize Community Prosperity Economies
Client – Mentor Relationships

→ Use Local Knowledge of
People, Resources, Challenges, and Opportunities

→ Organize, Fund and Support
Individuals, Businesses, and Institutions

→ Ethereum Smart Contracts, xCoin Funding
Act as Local xCoin Currency Mints

→ Put People and Businesses to Work
In Your Community at Prosperity Incomes

Help Build

Join in and help build a Prosperity Economy in your community for yourself, your family, and for the planet.

We are looking for early adopters, supporters, partners, core developers, coders, designers, economists, and anyone else who wants to share their passion and skills to help build a happier, more prosperous, and more just world.

Start by learning more about Prosperity Economics below, and when you are ready to take part, click the “Help Build ProsperX” button, below.

Starting a
Prosperity Economy

A prosperity economy starts with a relatively small number of individuals, businesses, in each community – and quickly ramps up over time to global scale and extent.

Growth of the ProsperX economy is driven by the strong incentives for individuals, businesses and communities to join.


→ Double or better the current income
of individual prosperity clients;

→ Double or better the profits
of prosperity business clients;

→ Double or better the tax revenue
of participating levels of government;

→ While cutting social net expenses to half or less;
and cutting tax rates by half or better.

Our long-term objective is to grow the ProsperX economy to include communities around the globe, and to grow the global economy from its current USD100 trillion to many times that number, creating Prosperity for All.

Prosperity For All